European Photography 75

European Photography 75
Water Issue. 80 pages.
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European Photography 75, co-edited by Wendy Watriss, with an essay by Sandra Postel on "The State of Water in the World," Facts on Water, "The Global Forum on Water," Water Sources, and works by Steven Benson, Sant Khalsa, Mark Klett, David Goldes, Susan Derges, Nils-Udo, David Maisel, The Institute of Flow Sciences, and Geoffrey Fricker.

In-depth reviews of Cruel and Tender / Jede Fotografie ein Bild
(by Reinhard Matz), Michael Light: 100 Sonnen (by Christoph Ribbat), Gunnar Schmidt: Das Gesicht (by Ronald Berg), Pierre Bourdieu: In Algerien (by Johanna Hofleitner), GameArt (by Ralf Christofori), Andreas Züst: Roundabouts (by Matthias Groll), Jeff Busby: Amplification (by Chris Miller), Jime Dine: The Photographs, So Far (by Bill Kouwenhoven), Paul Graham: American Night (by Ian Jeffrey), Lithuanian Photography – Yesterday and Today (by Vaclav Macek), Michael Rush: Video Art (by Chris Miller), David Goldblatt: Fifty-one years (by Jan-Erik Lundström), plus listings of over 50 recommendable new publications.


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